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Cheetah Sim Killer Pro Tool is an easy-to-fix phone repair tool You can easily use this tool without any professionalskills. Most of the functions in this tool are done automatically and with a few clicks to do hard work for you. And there is no need for long procedures to repair a mobile phone, and we have prepared important options for you in the form of an application.

CHEETAH TOOL PRO RELEASED Version 2024,3,16,100.0
Version software : 2024,3,16,100.0

Added following samsung devices EDL mode

–Reset frp lock
–Reset MDM lock

•Samsung Galaxy SM-A057F (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A236W (Bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A426W (bit7)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A526B (Bit6)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A526W (BitA)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A705Y (Bit3)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A716W (Bit9)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-A736B (Bit6)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F711B (Bit6)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F711W (Bit5)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F721B (Bit5)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F721U (bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F731W (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F916W (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F926B (Bit5)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F926N (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F926U (Bit5)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F936N (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F936U (Bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-F946W (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G781U (BitE)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G781V (BitB)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G970W (Bit9)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G973W (Bit9)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G975W (Bit9)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G981U (Bit8)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G986U (Bit8)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G988U (Bit8)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G991U (BitA)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G996U (BitA)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-G998U (BitA)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-M145F (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-N970U (Bit8)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-N975U (Bit8)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-N981U (Bit6)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-N986U (Bit6)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S711U (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S901U (Bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S906U (Bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S908U (Bit4)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S911W (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S916N (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S916W (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S918N (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S918U (Bit2)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S921U (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S926U (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S928B (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S928U (Bit1)
•Samsung Galaxy SM-S9010 (Bit4)

-Added Following Brand/Model Spreadtrum devices :

Itel A663L
Stylo Mercury
Mobicel MX3
Stylo Atlas
Premio X86
itel A632W
itel P662L

Features support : read/write firmware,restore firmware,read/write/erase RPMB,reset frp
reset MDM lock,factory reset bootrom,diag,read,writeimei,restore security
unlock bootloader,relock bootloader

Added calculate unlock network code by imei following brands/model

Hisense U31
Hisense U607
Mobiwire MobiGo2+ Plus
Mobiwire MobiGo2P
Mobiwire MobiGo2L
Mobiwire Oneida
Stylo Sonic

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